plastic blast media urea melamine acrylic mil spec powerful abrasive without substrate damage with plasticblast media to MIL-P-85891A
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Plastic Blast Media.  Melamine to Mil Spec and UK Def Spec

Thermoplastic Abrasive Blast Media Recycling

Uniquely in Europe we offer the capability to collect your used blast media, and send it off for recycling into new products. The picture above shows a chopping board manufactured with recycled acrylic blast media.

Recycling serves to both reduce your disposal costs and help you meet increasingly stringent recycling targets set by government.

In certain circumstances Solidstrip can operate a recycling programme know as "Leasing".

The Composite Lease Program involves delivery of new Solidstrip plastic media to the customer for use in their PMB paint stripping processes. After the plastic media has been broken into particles too small for effective coatings removal, the resulting dust product is collected, picked up and transported by a U.S. company called Composite Leasing to its manufacturing facility. The dust product, consisting predominately of plastic media containing a small amount of paint, often including heavy metals such as chromium and cadmium, is utilized as an ingredient in a manufacturing process to produce another product. This is accomplished in consort with the Federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act thereby exempting the dust product from solid waste status. This process has been approved by Federal Offices of the Environmental Protection Agency.

For further details on our recycling options please contact us.

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