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Plastic Blast Media.  Melamine to Mil Spec and UK Def Spec

Patent for Removing Coatings from Composite Materials

Patent Number: 4,731,125

Date of Patent: Mar. 15,1988

The present invention provides a surface cleaning method for removing adherent material from composite surfaces formed of a reinforced matrix material. Steps in the method include the provision of a granular media substantially composed of particles of a material which has a Mohs scale hardness number lower than 3.5. The media is then accelerated using media propelling means to produce a substantially continuous media flow at a media outlet having a pressure of approximately 40 pounds per square inch or less at the media outlet. The media is directed at target composite composite surface to be cleaned. Adherent material is removed from the target composite surface by the action of the media without damage to the composite surface.

In its preferred form, the method includes the use of a flexible tube and nozzel to direct the media at the target composite surface. The media flow is directed at a selected angle with respect to the composite surface to optimize the cleaning action. Steps are also set forth which minimize the possibility of damage to the underlying composite surface.

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