plastic blast media urea melamine acrylic mil spec powerful abrasive without substrate damage with plasticblast media to MIL-P-85891A
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Blast Media

Mil-P-85891 Acrylic Blast Media Specialists

Solidstrip are specialist manufacturers and providers of Mil-P-85891 acrylic blast media for dry stripping of paint from a number of surfaces. Acrylic media to specification Mil-P-85891 is ideal as it is safe, non toxic, biodegradable and very cost effective when compared with chemical stripping.

All of Solidstrip's acrylic products can be provided to meet both the U.S Mil-P-85891 specification, the UK Def Spec 80-194, and the Rolls Royce CSS200/227 spec; numerous other original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications are also met.

Manufactured in the U.S, the various sizes and types of acrylic Mil-P-85891 media are stocked in both the U.S and Europe, and are readily exported to many countries around the world. For information about scrylic blast media (PMB)please visit the contact page to enquire or place an order.

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