plastic blast media urea melamine acrylic mil spec powerful abrasive without substrate damage with plasticblast media to MIL-P-85891A
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Plastic Blast Media.  Urea, melamine, and Acrylic to Mil Spec and UK Def Spec

Applications for Plastic Blast Media

Plastic media is preferred in many industries as it is both sharp edged and hard enough to remove any build up of paint and other materials without etching, warping, or damaging delicate substrates. Added to this it is non-toxic, and used at much lower pressures (14 to 40psi) than other conventional stripping media.

As it is used the media splits and breaks down, and in so doing it maintains its sharp edges. This allows the abrasive media to be used and re-used many times, adding to its cost effectiveness.

Even when the blast media is spent for stripping uses it is still not necessarily waste. In many cases Solidstrip is able to re-use the waste media, and recycle it into plastic products. In this way waste disposal costs are minimised.

Uses of Plastic Abrasives

Industry Description
Aerospace   Being much safer and cheaper to use than chemical strippers, and ideal for use with modern laminate and other exotic materials, the aerospace industry are increasingly seeing plastic abrasives as the media of choice.
Military Both the UK and US military specify plastic media for surface preparation work, for the their aircraft, land based vehicles, and naval craft. Solidstrip media meets both the US MIL-P-85891A and the UK "Def Spec" 80-194 specifications.
Electronic   Increasingly electronic manufacturers use plastic media for ink removal and cleaning of printed circuit boards.
Casting For mold cleaning and the flashing, deburring and dejunking of cast items plastic abrasive media is hard to beat.
Marine Similar to the aerospace industry, the modern boat or ship is often built from laminated materials, and plastic abrasives can remove paint and barnacles whilst leaving the underlying materials clean and ready for a new coat.
Vehicle & Transportation Extension of Solidstrip's plastic blast media into general vehicle preparation work is increasing, with it being used for automotive restoration, as well as uses with trains and buses.

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